What the Day Owes the Night by Yasmina Khadra (Algeria)

Title: Ceea ce ziua datorează nopții

Author: Yasmina Khadra

Original title: Ce que le jour doit à la nuit

Original language: French

Rating: 4 out of 5

“Life is a train that stops at no stations; Either you jump abroad or stand on the platform and watch as it passes. ” 

“What there are things beyond our understanding, for the most part of the architects of our own unhappiness.” 

 “If you want your life to be a small part of eternity, to be lucid even in the heart of madness, love… Love with all your strength, love as it is all you know how to do, love enough to make the gods jealous themselves … for it is in love that all ugliness reveals its beauty. “

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